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Music Student: Did you really learn to play the violin in six easy lessons?
Music Teacher: Yes, but the 500 that followed were pretty difficult.

A little boy was learning to play the violin.
"I'm good, aren't I?" he asked his big brother.
"You should be on the radio," said the brother.
"You think I'm that good?"
"No, I think you're terrible, but at least if you were on the radio, I could switch you off."

What sort of violin does a ghost play?
A dreadivarius.

What were the Chicago gangster's last words?
Who put that violin in my violin case?

My brother's been practicing the violin for ten years.
Is he any good?
No. It was nine years before he found out he wasn't supposed to blow out.

Stephen, it's time for your violin lesson.
Oh, fiddle!

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