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What should you do if a monster runs through your front door?
Run through the back door.

How did the woman feel when she got run over by a car?

Is it true that a bully won't hurt you if you run away from him?
It all depends on how fast you run!

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Mecca who?
Mecca run for it!

Why did the skeleton run up a tree?
Because a dog was after its bones.

Sports coach: Come on, Betty. You can run faster than that.
Betty: I can't, sir. I'm wearing runresistant panty-hose.

A driver approached the principal one afternoon and said, "I'm awfully sorry, but I think I've just run over the school cat. Can I replace it?" The principal looked him up and down and replied, "I doubt if you'd be the mouser she was."

Will: Why do you call that new player Cinderella? Bill: Because he's always running away from the ball.

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