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Teacher: Your books are a disgrace, Fred. I don't see how anyone can possibly make as many mistakes in one day as you do.
Fred: I get here early, sir.

Fred and Harry were watching a John Wayne film on TV. In one scene John Wayne was riding madly towards a cliff. "I bet you $10 he falls over that cliff," said Fred.
"Done," said Harry.

John Wayne rode straight over the cliff. As Harry handed over his $10, Fred said, "I feel a bit guilty about this, I've seen the film before."

"So have I," said Harry, "but I didn't think he'd be fool enough to make the same mistake twice."

What do you call a ghost's mistake?
A boo boo.

First Undertaker: I've just been fired.
Second Undertaker: Why?
First Undertaker: I buried someone in the wrong place.
Second Undertaker: That was a grave mistake.

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