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Boy: I once met a lion who had been bitten by a snake.
Girl: What did he say?
Boy: Nothing, silly, lions don't talk!

Did you hear about the boy who was told to do 100 lines?
He drew 100 cats on the paper.
He thought the teacher had said lions.

A huge lion was roaring through the jungle when he suddenly saw a tiny mouse. He stopped and snarled at it menacingly. "You're very small," he growled fiercely. "Well, I've been ill," replied the mouse piteously.

There was once a puppy called May who loved to pick quarrels with animals who were bigger than she was. One day she argued with a lion. The next day was the first of June. Why ? Because that was the end of May!

First lion: Every time I eat, I feel sick.
Second lion: I know. It's hard to keep a good man down.

Who do you think was sent to cover the story of the baby lion born in the zoo? A cub reporter.

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