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Girl: Do you know what family the octopus belongs to?
Boy: No one in our street.

Lee: Our family's descended from royalty.
Dee: King Kong?

At a very Ivy-league school the girls were discussing their family pets. "We've got a beautiful spaniel at our place," said one girl.
"Does it have a pedigree?" asked another.
"It does on its mother's side. And its father comes from a very good neighborhood."

On the first day at school the children were sizing each other up and boasting, trying to make good impressions on each other.
"I come from a one-parent family," said one little girl proudly.
"That's nothing. Both my parents remarried after they got divorced. I came from a four-parent family."

Ronnie: I can trace my family tree way back.
Bonnie: Yes, back to the time you lived in it!

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