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Why did the teacher decide to become an electrician?
To get a bit of light relief.

What do you get if you cross a bottle of water with an electric eel?
A bit of a shock really!

A man was sitting in the electric chair. The executioner said, "Look, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to throw the switch in a minute."
The man said, "Do me a favor and throw it out the window!"

Science teacher: Can you tell me one substance that conducts electricity, Fred?
Fred: Why, er. . .
Science teacher: Wire is correct.

Science teacher: What happened when electricity was first discovered?
Fred: Someone got a nasty shock.

The apprentice electrician was on his first job.
"Take hold of those two wires, Fred,"said his boss, "and rub them together."
Fred did as he was told, and his boss said, "Do you feel anything?"
"No," said Fred.
"That's good - so don't touch those other two wires, they must be the live ones!"

Frankenstein: Help, I've got a short circuit!
Igor: Don't worry, I'll lengthen it.

Harry: What are you reading?
Fred: It's a book about electricity.
Harry: Oh, current events?
Fred: No, light reading.

Did you hear about the man in the electric chair who asked the executioner to reverse the charges ?
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