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How do you get six monsters in a cookie tin?
Take the cookies out first.

Boy: What's black, slimy, with hairy legs and eyes on stalks?
Mom: Eat the cookies and don't worry about what's in the tin.

Why do stupid people eat cookies?
Because they're crackers.

An irate woman burst into the baker's shop and said, "I sent my son in for two pounds of cookies this morning but when I weighed them there was only one pound. I suggest you check your scales." The baker looked at her calmly for a moment or two and then replied, "Ma'am, I suggest you weigh your son."

Jimmy, how many more times must I tell you to come away from that cookie tin?
No more, mom. It's empty.

What's the difference between a vampire and a cookie?
You can't dip a vampire in your tea.

Why did the cookie cry?
Because its mother had been a wafer too long.

Three cookies were crossing the road when the first one was knocked down. What did the third cookie say as he reached the pavement in safety?

What did the cookies say to the almonds?
You're nuts and we're crackers!

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