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Three people were sitting around a table bragging that they were the best at their specialty. The conversation is overheard by another person sitting at the bar.

One of the three says "I am Sleeping Beauty and I am the prettiest woman in the world." The second says "I am Thom Thumb and I am the smallest person in the world." The third says "Well, I am Don Juan and I am the most experienced with women in the world."

About this time, the person at the bar chimes in and asks the trio who has authenticated their claims. Upon reflection, the three agree that they need someone to back up their claims so they will not seem like boastful brags. They decide to visit an all-seeing wizard.

Sleeping Beauty enters first. After about two minutes she emerges declaring that she indeed is the most beautiful woman in the world.

So, then in goes Thom Thumb. After a few minutes he emerges declaring that he is indeed the smallest person in the world.

Finally, in goes Don Juan. After a couple hours, he emerges muttering "So who the heck is Bill Clinton?"


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