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"Monica Lewinsky" also spells:

Nice silky woman.
Like icy snowman.
Knew noisy claim.
Now in slimy cake.
Ya! Slick now mine.
We lick insomnia.
I know sin, malice.
I nail sick women.
Wank my silicone
Wonky manic lies.
I'm nice, slow Yank.
Now I mean sickly.
Now my sick alien.
O! wily nicknames.
Woman ski nicely.
Knows aim nicely.
A nice snowy milk.
Ways link income.
Cosily wank mine.
I only wanks mice.
I wank slimy once.
Oy! nice wank, Slim.
No! wanks me icily.
Sick menial wino.
Insane milky cow.

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