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Clinton's Quickies - A collection of short jokes and one liners
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Q: What do Clinton and JFK have in common?
A: Neither one has had any brains for the last thirty years.

Arkansas Trooper making an arrest: okay m'am. Step out'a the car and put your hands on the Governor

One Arkansas State Trooper to another: Hey Merl. Here's your secret service checklist for the Governor's mansion:
1 bullet. check!
2 jelly donuts. check!
3 passes for Hillary's lady visitors. check!
12 condoms for Bill's lady visitors. check!

Clintonic Commercial: this beverage is perfect for all affairs: foreign domestic and extra-marital

Q: How can you tell when Bill Clinton is lying?
A: Only a Bill Clinton supporter is too dumb to know the answer to this one.

ADVISOR: Sir if you're going to be like JFK you've got to get it right!
It's Cam-e-lot not come-a-lot.

Q: How is Clinton's health care reform a lot like his haircut?
A: It is a lot more expensive than it looks.

According to her interview Jennifer Flowers said Bill Clinton has limited endowment

Q: How did Bill and Hillary Clinton meet?
A: They were dating the same girl in high school.

Clinton: I don't have a small penis,
Jennifer has a big mouth

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