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President Clinton dies and decends into hell. As a professional courtesy to a fellow, worldclass liar Satan greets the President personally.
'Mr. President' he says 'we don't normally do this. But I'm going to give you three choices of your eternal punishment'.
'Great' says Bill. 'But once you've picked there is no going back. It will be your fate for the remainder of time. This time I'm not lying'. First they come to a dark, burning pit. Adolf Hitler is naked and being speared by an an army of demons. He's bleeding and screaming madly. Bill cringes and says he could never handle the pain. Next they come to a hot, burning cave. Saddam Hussein is naked with his limbs stretched and broken. Devils are burning his flesh with hot coals. Once again Bill retreats and refuses the option. Finally they come to a pleasant, cool room. Ken Starr is naked on a table and Monica Lewinksy is giving him what she loves to give best. Bill smiles and says 'now that's more like it'. Satan agrees and says 'Very well. Ms. Lewinksky, your replacement has arrived.'


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