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Another country boy was being interviewed for a job on a farm. "You must be healthy," said the farmer. "Have you had any illnesses?" "No, sir," said the boy. "Any accidents?" "No, sir." "But you walked in here on crutches," said the farmer. "Surely you must have had an accident?" "Oh that! I was tossed by a bull - but it weren't no accident, sir. He did it on purpose!"

What kind of bull doesn't have horns?
A bullfrog.

Where does Sitting Bull's ghost live?
In a creepy tepee.

What did the bull say when he came out of the china shop?
I've had a smashing time.

I paid 50 for that dog - part alsatian and part bull.
Which part's the bull?
The part about the 50.

What did the bull say to the cow?
When I fall in love, it will be for heifer.

A tourist was watching his first bullfight in Spain. After a while he suddenly burst out, 'Hold the red flag still or he'll never run into it!'

Interviewer: Will you confirm for the listeners the old story that the bull is incensed by your red cape?

Matador: Well, really it's the cows. The bull is incensed because he doesn't like being mistaken for a cow.

Bullfighting is the most popular pastime in Spain.
Bullfighting? Isn't that revolting?
No, revolting used to be their favourite pastime.

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