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A jeweler standing behind the counter of his shop was astounded to see a man come hurtling headfirst through the window. "What on earth are you up to?" he demanded. "I'm terribly sorry," said the man, "I forgot to let go of the brick!"

Why is a brick like an egg?
Because they both have to be laid.

Why did the brick cry?
Because his mother was up the wall and his father was round the bend.

What happened to the bricklayer who fell into the cement mixer?
He became a very hard man.

A man was walking by a building-site when a brick fell and hit him on the head, ruining his new hat.

'Hey, you up there!' he shouted to the men on the scaffold.

'One of those bricks hit me!'

'You're lucky!' one man shouted back. 'Look what happened to the ones that didn't.'

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