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Did you hear about the dentist who became a brain surgeon?
His drill slipped.

Why do we know that insects have amazing brains?
Because they always know when you're having a picnic.

What happened when the idiot had a brain transplant?
The brain rejected him.

"You can have that brain there for $3,000," said the brain surgeon to the man who was going to have a brain transplant. "It used to belong to a bank manager. This one's $4,000: it was a dancer's. And this one's $50,000: it belonged to a school teacher." "Why's it ten times more than the others?" gasped the man. "It's been used ten times less than theirs!".

"The girl beside me in math is very clever," said Fred to his mother. "She's got enough brains for two." "Perhaps you'd better think of marriage," said Mom.

Doctor, doctor, I'm nervous, this is the first brain operation I've had.
Don't worry, it's the first I've performed.

Fred: How long can someone live without a brain?
Harry: How old are you?

They call him Babyface.
Does that mean he's got a brain to match?

When I die I'm going to leave my brain for science.
Well, every little helps!

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