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If a boxer was knocked out by Dracula, what would he be?
Out for the Count.

Maeve: You remind me of my favorite boxer.
Dave: Mike Tyson?
Maeve: No, he's called Fido.

Why did the champion monster give up boxing?
He didn't want to spoil his looks.

Jonathan ought to be a boxer.
Someone might knock him conscious.

My brother's a professional boxer.
No, featherweight. He tickles his opponents to death.

Boxing Which weight do ghosts box at?
Phantom weight.

Did you hear about the boxing referee who used to work at a space rocket launching site?
If a fighter was knocked down he'd count Ten, nine, eight, seven . . .

Boxers sometimes give each other a paunch on the nose.

What is a boxer's favourite read?
Scrap books.

My brother's a boxer.
What's his fighting name?
Rembrandt - because he's always on the canvas.

Manager: Keep on swinging...
the draught might give him a cold.

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