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What's a witch's favorite book?
Broom at the Top.

What do young ghosts write their homework in?
Exorcise books.

What's a flea's favorite science fiction book?
The Itch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

What's a man eating monster's favorite book?
Ghouliver's Travels.

What's the difference between a schoolboy and an angler?
One hates his books.The other baits his hooks.

What's the difference between a boring teacher and a boring book?
You can shut the book up.

The class went to a concert. Afterwards Fred asked the music teacher why members of the orchestra kept looking at a book while they played. "Those books are the score," replied the teacher. "Really?" replied Jacqui, "who was winning?"

It says in this book that Eskimos eat raw fish and blubber.
I'm not surprised. You'd blubber, too, if you had to eat raw fish.

What sort of people make the best bookkeepers?
The people who borrow your books and never return them.

What did one arithmetic book say to the other?
I've got a big problem.

My father always gives me a book for my birthday.
What a wonderful library you must have!

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