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How to Feed Elephants by P. Nutts

Aches and Pains by Arthur Ritis

The Spicy Sausage by Delia Katessen

The Flower Garden by Polly Anthus

The Punished Schoolboy by Major Bumsaw

The Long Walk Home by Miss D. Buss

How I Crossed the Desert by Rhoda Camul

Round the Mountain by Sheelagh B. Cummin

Is this Love? by Midas Wellbee

Dancing at the Party by Hans Neesanboompsadaisy

Who Saw Him Go? by Wendy Leeve

All You Need to Know about Explosives by Dinah Mite

Army Jokes by Major Laugh

The Ugly Hag by Ida Face

The Post Script by Adeline Extra

Grow Your Own Vegetables by Rosa Carrotts

Never Give Up! by Percy Vere

The Greatest Party by Maud D. Merrier

The Joys of Horse-riding by Jim Kama

How to Diet Successfully by M. T. Cupboard

Outsize Clothes-buying by Ellie Fant

How to Make an Igloo by S. K. Mow

Neck Exercises by G. Rarff

Peek-a-Boo! by I. C. Hugh

My Years in a Lunatic Asylum by I. M. Nutty

Falling from a Window by Eileen Dowt

Monster-making as a Hobby by Frank N. Stine

Why You Need Insurance by Justin Case

The Art of Button-collecting by Zipporah Broaken

What's Up, Doc? by Howie Dewin

The Joys of Hitch-hiking by Marsha Long

Parachute Jumping by Hugo Furst

How I Won the Pools by Jack Potts

Silence is Golden by Xavier Brethe

The Greatest Detective Stories Ever Told by Watts E. Dunn

The Steel Band by Lydia Dustbin

At the South Pole by Anne Tarctic

Food on the Table by E. Tittup

One Hundred Metres to the

Bus Stop, by Willy

Makit, illustrated by Betty Wont

Solving the Mystery by Ivor Clew

Strong Winds by Gail Force

Nothing's Ever Right by Mona Lott

The Untamed Tiger by Claudia Armoff

I'm Absolutely Certain by R. U. Sure

End of the Week by Gladys Friday

My Favourite Sweets by Annie Seedball

Improve Your Target Shooting by Mr Completely

Noisy Nights by Constance Norah

The New Drum by Major Headache

The Embarrassing Moment by Lucy Lastic

I've Been Bitten! by A. Flea

The Lost Bet by Henrietta Hart

The Insomniac by Eliza Wake

The Escaping Herd by Gay Topen

Honor Stories by R. U. Scared

Hit on the Head by I. C. Stars

The World of Vegetables by Artie Choak

The Millionaire by Ivor Fortune

Looking Forward by Felix Ited

Losing an Electric Drill by Andy Gadget

The Economic Breakfast by Roland Marge

The Naughty Schoolboy by Enid Spanking

How to Get There by Ridya Bike

School Meals by R. E. Volting

All Aboard! by Abel Seamann

The Barber of Seville by Aaron Floor

Apologising Made Simple by Thayer Thorry

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