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Did you hear about the wizard who can sculpt lots of things out of skull bones?
Apparently he has a high degree of witchcraftsmanship.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Bones who?
Bones upon a time . . .

Fred: I've just swallowed a bone.
Harry: Are you choking?
Fred: No. I'm serious.

Dad's off work because Mum broke an arm.
Why can't your Dad work if your Mum broke an arm?
It was his arm she broke.

When are broken bones useful?
When they start to knit.

Critic: Why have you called your new play The Broken Leg?
Playwright: Because it needs a strong cast.

If you broke your leg in two places, what would you do?
Stay away from those two places.

A little old lady who broke her leg had to have a plaster cast on for several months, but at last the time came for the doctor to take it off.

'Can I go up the stairs again?' she asked excitedly.

'Yes, of course,' said the doctor.

'Oh good!' said the little old lady. 'I've had such trouble shinning up and down the drainpipe.'

How did you manage to break your leg?
See those steps by the fishpond?
Yes. Eve: Well, I didn't.

How did you break your leg?
I just followed my doctor's prescription.
How could you break your leg doing that?
It blew down the stairs - and followed it.

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