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What animal is best at cricket?
A bat.

What did the bat pop group call themselves?
The Boom Town Bats.

What did one bat say to another?
Let's hang around together.

What do bats sing when it's raining?
Raindrops keep falling on my feet.

What did a mommy bat say to her naughty son?
You bat boy.

What is the best way to hold a bat?
By its handle.

What do bats do at night?

What is the first thing that bats learn at school?
The alphabat.

What do you call a little bat?
A battle.

What do you call a bat in a belfry?
A dingbat.

What do little witches like to play at school?
Bat's cradle.

First bat: Fancy going out for a bite tonight?
Second bat: No. I think I'll just hang around.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Bat who?
Bat you'll never guess!

A wizard went to the doctor one day complaining of headaches. "It's because I live in the same room as two of my brothers," he said. "One of them has six goats and the other has four pigs and they all live in the room with us. The smell is terrible."
"Well, couldn't you just open the windows?" asked the doctor.
"Certainly not," he replied, "my bats would fly out."

Fred: Our teacher's an old bat.
Harry: You mean he's badtempered?
Fred: Not only that, he hangs around us all the time.

How does a vampire enter his house?
Through the bat flap.

Fred the monster knocked on a witch's door and asked for something to eat.
"You look familiar," said the witch.
"Didn't I give you some bat's blood soup last week?"
"Yes," said the monster, "but I'm better now."

What did the baby mouse say when he saw a bat for the first time?
Mummy, I've just seen an angel.

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