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Two aliens from outer space landed in Las Vegas and were wandering around the casinos. One of them volunteered to go inside and see what was happening. He came out looking rather shocked.
"What's the matter?" asked his friend.
"It's a very popular place," replied the first alien.
"It's full of creatures that keep throwing up little metal discs."

What did the alien say when his flying saucer landed in a stud farm?
Take me to your breeder !

Why did the alien phone home on his mobile?
Because it was so ET !

What do you call an alien starship that drips water?
A crying saucer !

Two aliens landed in the remote countryside and went walking from the flying saucer along a narrow lane. The first thing they saw was a red pillar box.

`Take us to your leader,' said the first alien.

`Don't waste time talking to him. Can't you see he's only a child?' said the second alien.

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