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A hillbilly dragged his protesting son to a new school which had just opened in a nearby village.
When they arrived, he took his son to see the principal.
"Howdy," said the hillbilly.
"This here's my son, Arthur. Now what kind of learnin' are you teachin'?"
"Oh, all the usual subjects," said the principal, nodding at the boy.
"Reading, writing, arithmetic."
"What's this?" interrupted the father.
"Arith . . . arith . . . What did you say?"
"Arithmetic, sir," said the principal, "instruction in geometry, algebra and trigonometry."
"Trigonometry!" cried the hillbilly.
"That's what my boy needs. He's the worst darn shot in the family."

What do you mean, my spelling isn't much good ?
That's my algebra !

Who invented algebra?
A clever X-pert.

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